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          Sodium Fluoride

          Molecular formula: NaF Molecular weight: 41.99
          Uses: aluminium smelting and welding flux, medical and wood preservative, fungicide in brewing industry, agricultural pesticide, fluoridation agent of drinking water. It cna also be used in papermaking, toothpaste production, chemical reagent, acid pickling of strip steel and stainless steel, raw material of other fluorides, adhesive. In addition, it is also used in enamel and pharmaceutial industries.
          Properties: colorless bright crystal or white powder. Soluble in water, slightly soluble in alochol. Its solution presents alkaline and is corrosive to glass. Soluble in hydrofluoric acid and generates sodium hydrogenfluoride. Specific gravity is 1.02g/mL(20℃), melting point is 993℃, boiling point is 1700℃.
          CAS#: 7681-49-4 Customs No.: 2826192010 MSDS: YK16-06 IMDG Code: 61513

          Sodium fluoride
          Item Standard
          Appearance White powder
          Content ≥99.50
          Water insoluble matter % ≤0.05
          Silicon dioxide % ≤0.01
          Sulfate % ≤0.005
          Acidity mmol/100g ≤10.0
          Alkalinity mmol/100g ≤5.0
          Drying loss % ≤0.2
          Fluosilicate % Conform to test
          Chloride % ≤0.012
          Heavy metal % ≤0.0005
          Whiteness % ≥95
          Transmittance % ≥90
          Particle size 100-300 mesh

          Notes: special specifications can be produced at the request of customers.
          Marketing director: Cong Weizi Tel: +86-15133863258 E-mail: cdykjxhg@163.com

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