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          Ammonium Bifluoride

          Molecular formula: NH4HF2 Molecular weight: 57.04
          Uses: the product can be used in the treatment of electronic products such as LCD TVs; in glass etchants with hydrofluoric acid; disinfectant and preservative in fermentation industry; in producing ceramics, magnesium alloy; as analytical reagent and bacteria inhibitor; solvent of metal beryllium; surfactant of silicon steel plate.
          Properties: Ammonium bifluoride is corrosive chemical. Molecular formula is NH4HF2. Its solution presents weak alkali. It can dissolve glass, slightly soluble in alcohol, easily soluble in cold water. White or colorless transparent orthorhombic crystal with a little sour odor. It is toxic!
          CAS#: 1341-49-7 Customs No.: 2826191010 MSDS: YF0405-06 IMDG Code: 83003

          Ammonium bifluoride
          Item Standard
          Appearance White crystal
          Content % ≥99.00%
          Drying loss % ≤0.5
          Loss on ignition % ≤0.05
          Chloride (Cl) % ≤0.01
          Sulfate (SO42-)% ≤0.01
          Ammonium fluosilicate (K2SiF6) % ≤0.5
          Heavy metal % ≤0.003
          Iron (Fe) % ≤0.005

          Notes: special specifications can be produced at the request of customers.
          Marketing director: Cong Weizi Tel: +86-15133863258 E-mail: cdykjxhg@163.com

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